Sunday, April 27, 2008

Is this fun?

Some friends in our ward had cousins in town.  They all wanted to try some rappeling, so of course they called the Rappel Master.  I had not been in a while, so I tagged along, too.
As you can see, I quickly remembered why I had not been in a while.
Going off the edge is the hardest part, but then it is actually very fun.
I guess being married to the Rappel Master is not so bad.  He is even kinda cute.

Friday, April 25, 2008

I know, I know......

Yes, more park pictures.  I have to brag as long as the mild weather it is a really cool splash park:
The usual gang:  Muscle Man Indiana
Owen and Hillary
Morgan, Indy and Owen are the front three cuties
That's what makes this park so fun....there are lots of different areas to explore
I cannot get Morgan to look directly at the camera no matter what!  Be prepared as there is more to this park not shown in this post.  You know you want to see it.  Better yet, come visit and check it out for yourself!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

how does hailey's garden grow?

A few days ago, Hailey helped the neighbor plant some vegetables in her garden.  The neighbor had a few extra and gave them to Hailey.  Hailey decided to plant them in our backyard.  Here they are below.  Tomatoes and squash.
I decided to help her out with her gardening.  She helped me replant them.  Here is her lovely new garden.  Oh yeah, Morgan sorta helped too.
We will see if they survive the over-nurturing attention and watering they are sure to be showered with.  Wearing rollerblades while gardening is all the rage.  Maybe Aunt Carolyn can give us some hints?
(p.s.  don't mind the pink panties!)

Friday, April 18, 2008


Steve called me yesterday and said the architects he works with had challenged him and his friend Alan to a game of wally ball.  That is volleyball inside a racquetball court.  The architects had 4 guys on their team, so Steve and Alan were short 2 players.  He invited Taylor and I to come play.  We said OK.  

I was surprised how fun it was!  The rules take a little getting used to, as they are different than normal volleyball.  Plus, guys can hit really hard.  Taylor did not like that part.  I brought Hailey and Morgan and they played in the next court with a racquetball and some rackets.  Or they could sit and watch us outside of our court as the entry wall is clear.  I do not know if the other team liked playing against 2 girls, but they were nice.  They even let us have a few "do-overs", since we were first-timers.  The architects play fairly often.  We will see if we ever get invited again, but if you get a chance to play wally ball, take it.  It was way more fun than I thought!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

hey everybody its tay. we are all just bored so we took these pics, enjoy

Friday, April 11, 2008


We are off on another volleyball adventure.  Once a month Tay's team plays their tournaments in SLC, and this month it is this weekend.  Taylor is the cute one standing in the back under the red square.  We are bringing our friend Paige---she is kneeling in the middle right in front of Taylor (with dark hair).  Wish us luck and maybe I will even get some action shots to blog when we get back.  It is just the 3 of us....we will get up there tonight and then we head to the courts early Sat. morning.  We sit in the gym all day---I am not kidding.  We start about 8:00 am and finish about 5 or 6:00pm.  Then we drive straight home.  That is a long time to watch volleyball, which is why we don't bring more family spectators.  If you happen to be in the neighborhood, though, stop in and check it out!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yes, no or somewhere in between

Many of you know, Diet Coke and I are long time friends.  As a matter of fact, it turned a little obsessive.  I knew I was drinking way beyond any type of "normal" limit and decided to change.  At the first of the year (yes, 2008) I totally gave up my main food source:  Diet Coke.  I went through the headaches and stuck to it.  I did not have any for about 6 weeks or so!  I kept waiting to transform:  for my skin to start glowing from all the healthy water I was drinking instead, for at least 10 lbs to drop off, to look younger, etc.  I guess I set my hopes too high.  I complained that I then knew a small sliver of what alcoholics go through.  Not a day went by that I didn't miss my old friend D.C.  Finally, I was so discouraged that I started to have just a little again.  Now, I will admit that it does cause a little bloating, which I am OK with.  Well, I guess it is worth a little bloating to me.  Otherwise I have not noticed much change either good or bad.  I know it is not health food, but it is really so horrible?  Why did I not see amazing changes?  What do you think?  I know only 4 of your read my blog, but go ahead and tell me what you think on this deep subject.  Just so you know, I only drink a little each day now and plan on keeping it small scale.