Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Wow.  Nineteen years today.  Here is the card Steve gave me.  

Yah, any arguments?

Pool party & popsicles

Fun in the 100-degree-plus sun!

I cannot get Morgan to look directly at the camera no matter how hard I have tried.  No, Hailey did not dress up for the picture.  This is her normal pool party attire.  Note she is sitting in the sun, trying to get a tan.  Maybe we should invest in a larger plastic pool?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

new friend

Chase has been trying to go on a daily hike.  A few days ago he brought home this:

and now he has too keep bringing home these to feed it:
Big, black ants.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the ultimate summer blonde

As some of you may know, Chase bleached his hair blonde one summer with the help of his aunt Carolyn.
He thought it was pretty cool and has been talking about doing it again this summer.  Well, he finally did.  So for your viewing pleasure:


This is the picture he wanted me to use as the "After", but I told him black & white did not do his summery hue justice

So here is the REAL picture of AFTER
Peace, yellow-hair dude.

Monday, June 23, 2008

the price he pays

Today Steve went on another rappel trip with our bishop, his son Sam, and some of their relatives and friends.  They went to Kolob in Zion.  The following two photos are actually from the Zion website, but Steve said that is exactly what it looks like:

Lots of mossy waterfalls to rappel down.  And lots of water at the bottom to swim/wade through.
Which leads us to a sad story about a big underwater rock in some murky water:
He thinks it is broken.  What do you think?  Here they are side by side his other toes:
Poor baby.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

3 adorable girls

Who love to use the "photo booth" on our Mac computer.

Gotta love 'em.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a little more

Our camera had been on one too many rappel trips and finally died, so I had no camera to take to LV.  Thanks to family and the wonders of the internet, here are a few pics for you:

The whole gang.  Starting with Cathy in the green clockwise:  Cathy, Travis, Dad, Jill, Carolyn, Mom and Jen.

Above is my dad (dark suit) and 4 of his 5 brothers.  Left to right:  Nolen, Don, Shane, Dad and Quim.  (Robert could not get off work)
Hailey chillin'.  (Grandma Gail and Drake in the background)
Morgan sharing the love with her cousin, Princess Alexis.
Morgan and her faux injured eye.
Nothing a nap on the couch with Taylor couldn't cure.
Friends and family, from lower left clockwise:  Lois Passey (longtime family friend), Carolyn, Dionne Passey (Middleton), Cathy, me, Jenifer and Mom.
My mom is on the right.  Dorothy and Mary are two of her sisters.
Left to right:  Mr. Knowles, principal of Dr. C. Owen Roundy E.S., Dr. C. Owen Roundy, and Ellen Bordinhao, assistant principal.

There may be another post of just a few more coming soon.  Aren't you excited?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008

So far this summer:

Our school district was out for the summer May 23, so my kids have been on break for 3 weeks already.  The first week they mainly slept in and lounged around (which is what vacation is for, right?)  The next week we went to Las Vegas.  My parents were home from their mission in the Philippines for one week.  They had special permission because my dad had an elementary school named after him.

June  3 the school was dedicated and they had a ceremony.  It was great to see my parents, and all the rest of our family and friends.  The dedication was went really well and it turned out to be a wonderful week.