Tuesday, June 30, 2009

update to keyhole

I thought I had a picture of the debris at the end of the hike. Then a friend sent me some of her photos. This shows it MUCH better. Only don't be fooled...we tried to step on top, but would only sink back down into the water all this is floating in.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Steve always wanted to check this out...

Steve has been helping his mom with some repairwork on her cabin at Duck Creek.  He has been making frequent trips up, and the kids often get lucky enough to go along.  There is a tunnel in the side of Cedar Mountain on the way up.  Steve always wanted to check it out, so this time they stopped.

Obviously Mom had to work.  Otherwise, Hailey would not be hiking in her pajamas and freezing!  (but it is always a lot of fun hanging with dad.)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

the fun keeps coming

On Saturday, Steve and Taylor went back to Zion.  All of the girls in our stake who are 4th year campers get an extra fun hiking expedition.  They hiked up a section of the Narrows and then floated back down in tubes.  Below is Josie Barton, who is in our ward.  Behind her is Gina Gottfredson, the Stake Girls Camp Director (who also was on the Keyhole adventure with us the day before).
This is one of Taylor's friends, Sydnee Hutchings.
Allison R. and Miss Tay-Tay
Taylor and Eva Beagley
On the shuttle bus
some cute wildlife
The whole group of gals
They all reported it was tons of fun!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Keyhole Canyon June 2009

Thursday afternoon a group of us drove up to Zion.  We went down a short slot canyon called Keyhole.  It was the FIFTH time Steve had been through this slot.  This was the most water he had ever seen in it.  There was a lot of debris (twigs, branches, dirt, etc) in the water.  Very cold water.  By the time we reached the end of the slot, the debris was so dense, it felt like we were pushing through thick quicksand.  I know this is not the best pic., but it shows the best shot of the mushy slog.  Plus proof of the swimming we ended up needing to do. (note wet clothes)
But we all lived to tell about it and lived happily ever after when we were able to stop for a warm meal at a restaurant in Zion.

Here are the lucky winners below:
L to R clockwise...Ryan Stevenson, Ben Haroldsen, Justin and Jessica Staheli, and Lisset Stevenson.
Me, Gina Gottfredson, Lorna and Ryan Anderson, JR and Tracy Martin, and Gary Gottfredson.
Poor Tracy ended up accidently falling into some deep water and completely submerging!  Luckily she had packed a hat.

Girls Day Out

Since my parents are now back in LV, Jenifer and Kenna came to visit.  One day all the girls made a short road trip to Saint George for a few hours.  This is at the top of Dixie rock.
Mom, Morgan, Taylor, Jen, Hailey and Kenna.
It was a short and sweet trip, but we had a fun time.  Thanks for coming!

Goofball girls

Gotta save some memories of these silly times.
Hailey 10, Piper 1, Morgan 5

Friday, June 5, 2009

Home Again

After serving in the Philippines on a mission for two years, Mom and Dad are back home in Las Vegas.  We are happy to have them home!

Cousins all had a lot of fun seeing each other again, too.  Below is Eden, Ava, Morgan and Taj.

Here is Eden and Ari, bonding.

Aunt Carolyn gave Morgan a darling short haircut in the backyard.  Hailey was drawing with chalk on the patio.  She drew a beautiful princess, but something was missing...
Then she got creative and added Morgan's chopped off locks.  How lovely.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can you handle it?

OK, now.  Look carefully---it is a learner permit.
What have we gotten ourselves into?
(actually when she drove home with Steve she reportedly did an excellent job.  loveya, Tay-Tay!)