Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy, happy everywhere: Christmas morning 2007

Morgan loved her job of passing out gifts to the appropriate person........
Hailey looked like this most of the day.  She loved everything and was almost always in a cheery mood.......
Taylor was shocked and amazed with her gifts (or is that a yawn?).......
Last but definately not least:  Chase and his mega-happy  face.  This is his mega-happy face.  Whatever.
Hope you all enjoyed your family and holiday!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve 2007

Pick one gift:
Morgan picked the gift from Aunt Barbara, Uncle Michael, and Christopher.  She told me she was going to wear all of this to church next Sunday.  She would also stretch her hand out, palm down, and ask us to kiss the back of her hand.
Hailey picked a gift from Grandpa and Grandma Simmons.  A shirt with sparkels!  Loved it!  Already laid out ready to put on tomorrow.
Taylor also picked a gift from the Simmons grandparents.  What more could an almost 14 year old girl want besides a small suitcase full of makeup?
Chase got a bag of some of his favorite snacks:  pistachios!  Does he look happy?
But the most excitement came when a small brown mouse was spotted running in the house!  Luckily we had been to a white elephant family Christmas party the night before.  Thanks to Steve's shrewd bargaining skills, he was able to take home these binoculars, with a light!  And the hunt began.......
Alas, the little brown mouse was no match for The Great White Hunter.  But the rest of us will have a peaceful sleep this Christmas Eve, knowing the mouse is no more. Our Hero!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Hailey!

Here is the birthday girl, hammin' it up while we sang to her.  (no, those are not my nicely manicured red nails)
This is the birthday girl with her pals.  We all went to lunch, then to the ballet, The Nutcracker, and then they had special backstage passes to the after-party show.  They got to hang with the ballerinas, mice, soldiers, etc.  We all had a lovely time.  ("We" being Hailey, me, all the pals, and the pal's moms).  I love you, Hailey-bailey.
Next, we have Tay-Tay.....without braces!  Now I know this is not the sweetest pic. of Morgan, but this post is all about Taylor.  And Taylor felt this picture did justice to her beautiful straight teeth.  Love ya, Taylor!  You are beautiful!  Love you too Morg.  (even though you are messy).

Sunday, December 9, 2007


  After: Hummmm...

What do you think he told Santa?  Naughty or nice?

p.s. have I ever mentioned our friend Mike?