Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve 2008

This was as close to a Christmas card I was able to get this year:
Chase 17, Taylor 141/2, Hailey 10, Morgan 5,
Piper 6 months

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Buddies

Amazingly enough, St. George got enough snow to actually close the schools!  (The date was incorrect on my camera---it should be 12-18-2008.  I have since changed it.)
Steve took Hailey and Morgan to a hill behind the elementary school.  Look closely at Morgan's face below.  Does she look like she is having fun?
Hailey showed off her skilz by snowboarding:

But, alas, the sun came out and melted a lot of the snow.  It's back to school tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hailey turns 10

December 15 was Hailey's tenth birthday.  The Saturday before, she went to lunch with her friend Abby.  We had lunch at a new pizza place called Pirate Pizza Island.  

Then we went to a movie:  Madagascar:  Escape 2 Africa.
On Monday, her actual birthday, she had a spaghetti dinner.  Grandpa Les and Grandma Betsy came over, too.  Then of course we had cake and ice cream.
Hailey is wearing her choir shirt, as they had a performance LIVE on the local TV news station.  She loved all the cards and gifts from everyone.  Thanks!
We love you, Hailey.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nativity at Tuacahn

Steve's sister Barbara, her husband Mike, and their son Christopher came up to St. George for the weekend.  Friday night we went to dinner with them and Steve's parents, Les and Betsy.  Then we went to the nativity at Tuacahn.
Following that, we went on a little train ride, and then the kids played around and danced.  Don't let Christopher fool you, he danced around plenty, too.
On Saturday, Mike, Barb and Christopher picked up Morgan and they all went to the park.
Thanks Lamoureux family for a fun weekend!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I think I like them

We went to the high school last night to watch Chase sing in the choir.  They had several performing groups, including a small orchestra.  We had arrived early, and were watching the orchestra set up.  At one point we had this conversation:

Morgan:  "Oh my gosh!  Look at that giant guitar!  Hailey!  Look how big that guitar is!  That guitar is SO big!"
Hailey:  "That is not a guitar.  That's a cello."
Mom:  "That's pretty good.  How did you know that?"
Hailey:  "I've seen one before."
Morgan:  "OK,...what are the really little guitars?"
Hailey:  "Those are violins."
Morgan:  "Violins.  Right.  Very good, Hailey.  You are so smart."

At this point, Hailey and I look at each other and smile about how funny Morgan is.  They are both sweet girls, as evidenced below:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hailey is in her school choir, the Coral Cliffs Coyote Crooners.  They had their Christmas performance for the families Tuesday night.

They have a very large group.  The music teacher said it was the biggest group they have ever had.  They practice early before school twice a week.
The choir got a little groovy at the end.  They did a great job!  
Chase is taking choir as a class at school.  He had his Christmas performance tonight (Wednesday).  They sounded wonderful.  Sorry about the blurry picture, but I had Morgan on my lap.  Maybe I can get him to pose in his robe later.  Can you tell which one is Chase?
The entire performance was a little long.  They had several groups each performing a number of songs, so Morgan decided to make herself comfortable.
Taylor was at volleyball, of course.  More on that later...