Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Taylor!

Wow!  She is now 15 years old!
This is how Morgan ate her cupcake:
Taylor woke up to donuts from her dad, who went out early to get her favorite maple bars.  At school her seminary teacher told her to pick any boy in the class.  She called on her friend, Conner.  The seminary teacher made Taylor and Conner come to the front of the room.  Then he had Conner get down on one knee and sing "Happy Birthday" to her.  She said it was funny and cute.  The middle schools only had 1/2 days this week for parent-teacher conferences, so she came home early.  Two brothers in our ward knocked on the door and ran.  They left a few cute and funny gifts:  a wrestling medal, a Strawberry Shortcake puzzle, a plastic ring in a beautiful ring box, and some Milk Duds.   
Later Taylor received more gifts from Hailey and Morgan.  Morgan gave her an assortment of rainbow pencil erasers, all missing the bottom half of the eraser.  Then Hailey handed Taylor the next present:  a pencil adorned with an assortment of rainbow pencil erasers, all missing the tops.  Taylor loved them!
Hailey had also made a card at school.  She had gone around and listed all the kids at Hailey's school who had wished Taylor a happy birthday.  There were 39 of them.  Taylor had no idea she was so popular at the elementary school!
She had several friends come over to eat lunch, go to the mall and then to a matinee.  That's what birthday money is for---to spend on your birthday, right?
Nicole, McKenzie, Stephanie, Morgan, Taylor and Kaitlin
They had a lot of fun.

We love you lots Taylor!  
(and thanks to all family who also wished her a wonderful day!)

per special request...

Both of the following girls requested I add these photos to our blog:

Morgan worked long and hard to brush out her own hair.  Then she added some lip gloss and asked me to please take her picture.  She looks lovely.
Next, you gotta love a girl who can turn a chore of stocking the bathrooms with t.p., into a work of art.  Hailey is very lovely--and talented, too.